Fries Kitchen and Living Room remodel



Client: Fries Kitchen


Interior Design/Project Manager

Sparks, NV|

Attention to Detail: Transform very neutral brown masculine kitchen and living room into a brighter and more updated feel with sea foam green cabinets and light green walls with a bold grey accent on the fireplace. Adding hardware to their cabinets adds beauty and function while changing the light fixtures adds dimension and a new ambiance.

Must Haves: Turn a lack-luster Kitchen and Living Room into a bright and open space.


Client Response: Ms. Mindi Hynek, owner of NV Design and Décor has been refining my home for a year. I have given her full control, allowing her to use her professional judgment and choose pieces specifically to meet my needs as a mother, wife and professional. Mindi considers my budget and time-line when purchasing décor. Knowing that Mindi is involved more than 100%, I have never felt uneasy about the workers in my home. She manages everything from paint to the small fixtures what make a huge impact. I will continually recommend NV Design and Décor.
“Katrina Fries”