Client: Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority


Interior Design/Project Manager

Reno, NV|

Attention to Detail: Using the same color palette from the entry way to create a more unified space. Getting new furniture and light fixtures enhances the beauty of a simple and usable dining room. Making the wall and buffet color a different shade of grey while adding a new marble countertop adds dimension to this once tired space. Hardware on the buffet makes it more user friendly while refinished floors makes this space timeless and elegant.

Must Haves: Take the outdated and dingy dining room and create a brighter more cohesive space to flow from the entryway.


Client Response: “Mindi is dedicated to her work and shows passion in everything she does.  She allowed us to be apart of the entire process and it shows.  The end product was not merely a new design, it was a reflection of our personalities.”  Caroline Boorman “Chief Financial Officer”